How-NOT-to recruit software engineers!

Hi there,

If you are a headhunter or recruiter, take this real-life example as a how-NOT-to recruit software engineers. Or anyone to be honest.

If you are anyone else, just read and have a good laugh.

Round 1

So around 7:33 pm, I get a message on LinkedIn from a SENIOR ICT Head Hunter asking me for my curriculum for a job opportunity in Milan, for a final client as a Software Engineer.

The message was the following:

Buonasera, le chiedo gentilmente il cv perchè vorrei parlarle di un’opportunità su Milano, società finale, SW Engineer. Grazie (email)

which roughly translates to:

Good evening, I would like to kindly ask you for you CV because I would like to discuss with you an opportunity in Milan for a final client as a SW Engineer. Thanks (email)

Here what is wrong:

  • She asked for my curriculum when she could have easily read my LinkedIn page.

  • The message felt like a copy paste. She did not even bother adding my name to give it (even if fake) the feeling that it was meant for me.

  • I do understand that headhunters want to keep the name of the company private for obvious reasons, but at least let me know what sector they work in.

  • I know the position is a software engineering position. Can I know more, please tho? Like my responsibilities? the technology I will work with? domain I will work in? Is it a frontend, backend, mobile position?

Headhunters need to realize that software engineers choose the company and position as much as the company chooses them.

Round 2

I usually never answer to such messages on LinkedIn because I feel they are nothing more than spam. But it was a Tuesday night, 9:55 p.m precisely, I had no plans and I am currently looking for a job, so I was like fuck it, let’s see where that goes. So I sent her an email, with my curriculum attached and kindly asking for more information. It went something like this:

Ciao -----,
come da te richiesto su LinkedIn, ecco una copia del mio curriculum!
Intanto potresti dirmi qualcosa in più riguardo la posizione?

which translates to

Hello ----, 
As per your request, here is a copy of my curriculum!
Meanwhile, would you please tell me more regarding the position?

So I made it clear that I would like to know more about what she is offering, but I am willing to cooperate by attaching my curriculum.


Guess what her answer was..

no not that,

not that either,

After less than 10 minutes, precisely at 10:04 pm, she replies with the following message:

Ti giro gentilmente la RAL bonus e benefits. Inoltre quanto conosci Restful infrastruttura a microservizi.
La posizione è quella di SW Engineer.
Grazie e attendo tue,

which translates to

Can you please tell me your RAL, bonuses and benefits? Moreover how much do you know about micro-service RESTful infrastructure?
The position is for a SW Engineer.

YUP, you read that right!!!!

NB: RAL is basically your annual income before tax in Italy.

Here what is wrong:

  • She did not read my curriculum. No way 9 minutes after I send my curriculum she read the email, curriculum and had the time to write her answer. Not when I sent it via email at 9:55 p.m you.

  • She made a typo. I point that out because of her extremely fast response time.

  • She did not read my curriculum, otherwise, she would not have asked such a question. It is stated in my curriculum.

  • WHY THE FUCK do you care how much I currently get paid? How is this relevant? Moreover how is it even relevant before you interview me and assess my skills? I will never understand this when it comes to Italian hiring policy.

  • She never answered my concerns regarding the job position.

I never answered back. I am tempted to answer with a link to this article. But I wouldn’t want to be the bad guy.

Companies, please hire good recruiters that care about the human in people they are hiring.


  • Customize your initial message
  • Tell us information about the job, if possibile the company too.
  • Don’t ask for a curriculum on LinkedIn.
  • Actually read our curriculum when you ask for it.
  • Do not ask us how much we are currently getting paid. For sure not before assessing our skills.
  • Treat us like humans, not machines
  • And did I mention telling us information about the job?